Dance for a Cure


About Dance for a Cure

Dance for a Cure, is a community-driven and volunteer- based organisation committed to fighting Cervical Cancer to save lives. We can substantially reduce the impact of this cancer by promoting health within all communities in South Africa, through advocacy and the sustainable facilitation of research, prevention, early detection and care.

Vaccinating against cervical cancer

The invention of a life-saving vaccination is enabling children around the world to be vaccinated against the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), a virus that leads to cervical cancer, oral cancers and other sexually transmitted diseases. However, in South Africa where the disease is fatally common, the high cost of the vaccine is a huge obstacle.

Thousands of South African women die from this preventable disease. Current estimates indicate that every year, in South Africa, 5743 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer and 3027 die from the disease. Dance for a Cure is committed to making a difference.

Dance for a Cure is a Non-Profit Organisation whose main objective is to raise awareness of cervical cancer in South Africa and to raise funds to vaccinate children and young women against HPV, test for HPV and raise awareness around the importance of the pap smear, thereby preventing the disease that is known as the silent killer.

By vaccinating our children, we reduce the pain and suffering experienced by a family that loses a mother or a daughter to cervical cancer. The devastation of a husband who is left widowed and the grief of children left orphaned by this disease, which can be prevented through a vaccine.

Given the nature of the vaccine, that it requires 3 vaccines over the period of 6 months, we have to operate in a closed environment which is evident from our reach reflected in the below table. Our planned activities for next year, over and above our usual activities, are to reach out to the Private Schools to promote a buddy vaccine system. This program will encourage parents to vaccinate their own daughters as well as a girl from an underprivileged school. This will help to raise awareness as well as actively reach a significantly higher number of children outside of utilising the funds we have raised which can reach additional children. When reaching the children for the vaccine, we have a holistic plan to explain how we can test for HPV as well as discuss the importance of pap smears and how you can do them at home for effective and complete protection.

There is wonderful support from the Government and we are delighted that they are vaccinating 9-year-old girls in underprivileged areas, however, there is a massive gap not being addressed, who have missed the threshold and are also hugely at risk here and now today. All girls 10 and older would still require this vaccine, and we as Dance for a Cure are continuing to address this need.

We believe that a number of initiatives could be embarked on from a social media and awareness point of view and we can encourage great participation if we allow some creative input and collaboration all around.

Participation – Chance to make a difference. You too can get involved in all or one of the following options:

  • Fund a vaccination programme, please see details in the table below for programmes without funding, or you may nominate a school or home to be vaccinated.
  • Donate a lump sum.
Children's Home Children Cost of 3 Course Programme Contact Person Contact Number
Abraham Kriel Children’s Home 500 R1 300 000 Maretha Van Zyl +2782 553 4052
Thembisa Children’s Home 50 R140 000 Wilhelmina +2782 565 8455
Durban Children’s Home 50 R140 000 Mandy Goble +2731 208 4187
St. Philomena’s Children’s home 30 R84 000 The Director +2731 208 4187
Wylie Youth Centre 20 R56 000 Nazli Finch +2731 202 9140
Berea Home of Hope 50 R125 000 Sandy Geach +2782 498 8309
St. Michael’s Children’s Home 22 R37 400 Sister Anna
Johannesburg Children’s Home 30 R54 000 Narisha Govender +2711 648 1121
Children from Bela Bela 100 R180 000 Larika Niemand +2782 820 4247
LIV Village 35 R63 000 Moraig De Beer
Total Vaccinated to date 887 R2 180 700
Abraham Kriel boys 150 R270 000 Maretha Van Zyl +2782 553 4052
Girls from Abraham Kriel 100 R180 000 Maretha Van Zyl +2782 553 4052
Total to be Vaccinated with available funds 250 R2 630 400
Children from Kidshaven 100 R180 000 Moira Simpson
Total Funding Required R180 000

To participate, please contact Angela Ferguson on +2783 676 2117.